Fast Forward to October 2014

In April 2014, I moved back to the camper and resumed my solitary life.  I did a lot around the yard such as planting, building a raised bed garden, having some of the hill behind the camper levelled and other odds and ends.

I put everything in the camper pretty much on hold due to the purchase of the shed which I now call The Tiny House.  I’ve posted on Facebook  on the “A Semi Simplified Life” page a lot more of the comings and goings than I have blogged about them here.

On June 29, 2014 I met Dennis.  Dennis and I grew up near Briggsville, WI.  Our family’s farms are only 3.5 miles apart.  I knew of Dennis, however we were not destined to meet and fall in love until this time.  He operates a hog farm.  I remember when I was growing up, I always wanted to marry a farmer.  I’m not sure that the marry part will happen, however I am now living the farm life once again.

In July and early August, his grandmother became ill and is now in a nursing home with kidney problems.  We are working on getting her back home, that is the ultimate goal.  At the time she went into the hospital, I took over as chief cook and bottle washer.  Then, since it was a big job feeding 3 grown men and a young man, I made the move to the farm. Now, Dennis and myself are the only ones at the table, but meals still have to be prepared. My projects at the Tiny House are on hold and I do get some things done there slowly, but surely.  Dennis is determined that I complete my goal of building the Tiny House!  🙂

During the past few months, I have chased cattle, moved pigs, helped put together a barn cleaner, hauled sand by tractor, helped with farrowing, and cooked a LOT of meals!  It’s been a lot of work, but I wouldn’t exchange this life except for the life in the Tiny House. As winter knocks at the door, I am already thinking of what to put in the gardens in the spring and what types of chickens I would like to raise.

I have had to start back to work and have picked up 3 part time jobs.  I had some car problems and now have some money to pay back to my wonderful daughter who fortunately had a bit to loan me.  Along with cooking and doing laundry, helping on the farm, house sitting and dog sitting for others, and the three part time jobs, I have become very busy.  You don’t realize how much you can do until you need to do it!

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The New Shed

Well, today is March 27th.  It is 36F.  It’s about time!  It was a very difficult winter.  Wind chills down to -50F.  I had no idea it could get that cold!!

I went to a class on Emotions last Saturday at SkyBlueDreams in Oxford, WI.  Something that really resonated with me that the instructor said was this: “Can it get any better than this”?  Yesterday I had one of those days where I kept saying, “Can it get any better than this”?

Starting out yesterday, my lawn tractor was delivered to the house I’m staying at.  It’s a Simplicity (irony on the word) and it has a 42″ deck.  I paid $500 for it and another $10 for it to be delivered.  I think I got a pretty darn good deal!  We’ll see how it holds up to mowing my gravel pit….er….lawn.  Pics to come! Can it get any better than this?

Then my friend and I went to look at the shed in the picture.  It is 8x8x11 and is very solid.  There are new shingles on it, it has a loft, and an Anderson window.  I got this for $600.  There goes all my tax refund…but well spent.  I had texted my daughter’s bf who has a flatbed and he agreed to move it to my land for me.  I set this up before I went to look at it!  Now I just have to wait patiently for him to deliver it to my land.  Talk about a good deal!!  I’m getting my Tiny House!!  I can’t wait to start work on it! Can it get any better than this?

Another friend of mine posted a twin mattress on fb and I was able to snatch that up for free!  Thank you, Tammy!  I had been looking for one for my camper as the foam cushions just were no cutting the mustard for the sleeping arrangements.  Can it get any better than this?

Then I got to work and they had the dishwasher fixed!  Can it get any better than this?

My friend and I went after work to purchase some lottery tickets.  Can it get any better than this?  We shall see…..

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Cold winter’s day!

This morning the temperature in Wisconsin Dells is -21F.  Thank God I made the choice to move in with friends for the cold months.  I am sitting here thinking of:  garage sales, planting flowers, planting a garden, the feel of grass under bare feet, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the sound of the birds, and the work that needs to be done at the camper.

My first plan of action is to complete the floor.  There’s not much left to do.  I need a few boards cut to piece a few places together and then I’ll be able to put flooring down.

I’m still in the process of designing the kitchen.  I have to figure out the cabinet configuration due to the fact that there is the tire cover right under the cabinets.  The only thing I’m keeping in the configuration is the stove.

Then painting the kitchen and living area as well as the jelly cupboard once that is finished.

Then on to the gardening!

Spring is on it’s way!!  🙂


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Winter is upon us!

I just spent the past two hours “de-cluttering” my gmail account. All of those email subscriptions that I signed up for that I intended to follow, but I realize that I just don’t take the time to read even half of them. So, I went through about 422 emails to unsubscribe. Part of the simplified lifestyle that I so want to continue to embrace. I admit in the past few months, I’ve been careening down a slippery slope. I’ve accumulated more things than I care to admit and I blame my employer for having such awesome clothes as such great prices.

Winter in Wisconsin is a little chilly this year. We’ve had many below normal temps for the past two months. Not a whole lot of snow yet. The worst is that I did lose one of my cats. She either left to find a new home or she was dinner to the coyotes. The cat that remains, has been doing fine. She has a thicker coat of fur than she has ever had. I finally took pity on her and she is in her temporary home in Milwaukee. She has adjusted quite well to living back in a heated home and not in the wild.

Living in the camper got to be too much of a challenge for the winter months in Wisconsin. I was doing fine with my “Mr Heater” and nice warm sleeping bags. But the major problem was that EVERYTHING froze. My shampoo, my contacts in their solution, my water supply, food, the cat’s water, and anything and every thing with a water base. Sure, I would heat up the water and thaw it out to bathe and drink, however, it just got to be too much work! I admit defeat in this area. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to figure out how to survive the winter. In the mean time, I am staying at a friend’s house (Sarah and Sylvan Winden rock).

So, as the new year is approaching, I’m anxiously awaiting a warm spring so that I can go back to my little camper and continue to enjoy a “Semi-Simplified Life”. I am starting my list of projects to finish and new ones to start on. First on the list is the new flooring. And my goal is to post more pictures!

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a very safe, simple and healthy New Year.

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October 3, 2013

Time flies when your having fun!  Or is it time is fun when you’re having flies?  I’ve had a few in the camper and man are they irritating when you try to sleep!  That and asian beetles.  Yup, they’re back!  Gonna have to do some research on how to deter them from taking up residence with me.  

When I took out the small bookshelf in the kitchen area of the camper, I didn’t think I would fill in the space again as it left me with a lot of room to walk through without knocking things around such as my french press which I knocked off the counter and broke.  Having to go without coffee was not a good thing as I jumped right back on the Diet Cola bandwagon.  I had weaned myself off of that for quite some time.  Well, to obtain more shelving for “stuff” I decided to build a jelly cabinet.  It is 5’9″ tall and 2 feet wide.  Wainscotting paneling will be the back and also a door on the front.  Pictures will be up as soon as it is finished and I find my camera that I have misplaced.  I didn’t have a pattern.  I just winged it.  It fits in the camper perfectly and was completed with 1’x4″ lumber that I had cut at the Home Depot.

I’ve hung a long shelf over the kitchen area.  It’s from a piece of 1’x4″ board.  I painted it white and hung it up with some shelf supports.  Now all of my green Ball jars have a place to call home.  I have pasta, rice, oatmeal, chocolate nibs and other odds and ends in them.  They make great storage containers and they’re pretty! 

Since the tomatoes are soooo good right from the garden, I’ve been cutting one up with an avocado and putting oil and vinegar on them for dinner.  I had two tomato plants this year that produced two tomatoes each.  They were very small but very tasty!  Next year my garden will be much bigger!  I can’t wait!

The floor is now ready for the final pieces of subfloor.   The holes have been covered.  Now for some piecing of the sub floor then it will be ready for the covering.  I just haven’t taken the time to measure everything and go and get the lumber to finish.  

I picked up a roll of plastic for winterizing.  If there are any youtube videos on how to winterize aka plasticize the windows on a camper, I will find them.  Can’t really pound more holes in the side of the camper, so I’ll have to find out what the alternatives are.  My friend generously gave me a roll of black paper that she got from a construction guy she parked next to and talked him out of two rolls.  These will help with the skirting and hopefully I can get my hands on some straw bales soon to bank the sides of the camper.  

One of my cats is gone.  Kali has either gone to greener pastures or she has taken up residence with someone else.  She was a sweety while I had her.  Hope she is happy now.  Tessa is still with me.  She has currently burrowed herself under my sleeping bag on my bed and only her paws are sticking out.  Funny cuz I sleep with one foot out from under the covers too!  The raccoon has been by frequently.  In fact, I chased him away when I arrived home last night.  Little bugger was sustaining himself on the cat food buffet that was for the CATS!  Not raccoons, cats!  Now the cat food is indoors and Tessa gets to sleep inside at night.  She has learned that her place is on the glider rocker and not in my bed.  The other night I came home and I saw her in the yard with something that I saw hop!  I thought it was a toad or a frog.  No, she brought it over to the two outdoor carpets I have out and showed me that she had a baby shrew.  Nice.  Well, she played with it until it was dead and no fun anymore.  I disposed of it and I noticed there is another in the grass just off the carpet that I will have to get rid of too.  She earns her keep.  

When I was painting the interior of the camper, I decided to go with white.  It looks really nice.  Then I was trying to decide what curtains I wanted and I saw a post of a “Glamper” with white walls and white curtains.  I found a large piece of sheer material and cut it to size.  After I put up the curtains, I looked like a bridal suite!!  So, now I need to find some curtains, or make some.  I’m thinking of going with a sage green with the tabs on the top.  We’ll see what I come up with.  

It’s been pretty chilly most mornings in the camper.  It is October after all.  When I heat up water for my new french press and my bath, it does take the chill out of the air.  I’ve been pricing propane heaters.  I can get a Mr. Heater with a carbon monoxide sensor for around $100.  Unfortunately, Farm and Fleet did not have them as I do have a gift card for there.  I will have to look on line to see if I can order one through Farm and Fleet so that I can use this gift card.  

During the past couple months, I lost my job.  Not cut out to be an accountant of any sort.  But, I am now working again at the local nursing home as a Dietary Aide.  Also, next week I start at Land’s End in the customer service department for the seasonal rush.  

I’ve been invited to move to Milwaukee.  No decision has been made as of yet.  If I do move to Milwaukee, I am keeping my camper and will continue to blog about the upgrades and the fun I’m having with all of this!  

Off to Home Depot I go!  Wainscotting paneling is at the top of the list to finish the jelly cupboard and the kitchen area.  

Live, Laugh, Love, A LOT!

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

It’s been a productive morning!  I actually got some work done! 

My first challenge was getting the potable water tank out from under the stove.  It’s about 4 1/2 feet long and it was wedged under the stove.  My battery for my skill saw was charged and by cutting it away I was able to get it mostly out.  I kicked and kicked and got that dang thing out.  I had to drill a hole in the bottom to drain out the water and then was able to cut it 3/4 of the way around in two places, cut that section out, and then was able to get it out.  It wasn’t genius, but the job got done!  🙂 Pics later.

While cutting away this water tank, I managed to step in the wrong spot and went through the floor of the camper.  This section was damaged from water and age.  So, it was time to work on that section of the floor. 

Using some metal sheets, I cut them and put them in the opening.   I built a frame/floor joist out of some scrap lumber and put that down.  Next came the insulation.  I cut it to size and put that between the mock floor joists.  My next step was to cut a piece of the subfloor and put that on top of the frame.  Well, that didn’t happen yet as I ran out of juice in my cordless saw.  Now it’s off to charge that battery and get the flooring in.  Then I can put my bed back together and hopefully have a peaceful sleep….after the Packer game!!  🙂

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My daughter came out tonight to have dinner with me.  It was, as is always, nice to spend time with her.  She’s a great young lady! 

I made chicken on the grill, had potato salad and broccoli salad from the deli and I made guacamole for the appetizer.  I love guacamole and I just don’t like taking all the time to use fresh tomatoes and onions, etc.  So, here is my quick answer…Salsa, sour cream and an avocado.  So simple and so yummy.

My work has come to a complete stop for one reason or another.  I just haven’t done anything this weekend or recently to work on the camper.  I just don’t have the motivation right now.  I decided it was more important to let things wait and just enjoy the beautiful summer weather we have been having. 

Daily routines have come into play here at the camper.  I get up in the morning, put the tea pot full of water on the grill, and go use the outdoor facilities.  The structure is yet to be built…like I said, more on that later.

I come back in the camper, get my french press ready with coarsely ground coffee (ground coarse so as not to end up with grounds in my cup) and get my lunch ready to take to work.  I set my clothes out for the day and take my medications.  I then go toss out any grey water from the day before if I haven’t yet dumped it.  I grab the tea pot off the grill and shut off the propane.  I come back in the camper and pour the hot water into the press and get my coffee going.  Then I pour the rest in the garden sprayer that is my shower.  I start off washing my hair which is something I feel the need to do every day even though I know it’s not necessary.  But, when you have natural curls that do funky things while you’re sleeping, it is kind of necessary.  🙂  Then I wash up and shave.  I dry off and get ready for work.  I head out the door grabbing my lunch and coffee and hit the road for a 45 minute commute to work for the day.  I don’t really have an established routine for night-time yet, but I’m sure I’ll post the normal and maybe not so normal routine soon.

Live, Laugh, Love, A Lot!

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